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The Real Focus–Part 1

“To do for the world more than
the world does for you–that is success.”

Henry Ford.

Tough days are there to remind me of the real focus necessary for … let’s call it fulfillment. Today was one of those days. Something I had worked hard to achieve did not come through as expected and I was really disappointed. Turns out I was attempting (yet again) to make my own life easier without considering how my goal was helping anyone else but me. Realizing this (yet again) put me in a much better space and I am grateful for that. Let’s see how often I will need to repeat learning this lesson before I comprehend it.


GrandCentral makes me easy … to find. Invites available!

Call me. If you cannot get a hold of me with my GrandCentral number, you can’t get a hold of me at all. It’s funny that this is my first post. But I really appreciate the service these guys offer and a recent struggle with office extensions made me appreciate them all the more. It’s hard to quantifying how much GC, a Google production since July 2007, has helped me already in dealing with changing phone numbers, a move, and international calling (together with Skype)

Want your own never-changing phone number with great voice mail features? I got 10 invites, so hit me up. Who knows how long it’s going to be before new registrations are accepted.

So, that’s it for my product plug (no, I am not getting paid for this).


So, this is my xth attempt in writing a blog. I really need a place to brain-dump and some of that information may be worth something to someone else. I have been a consumer of information for quite a while and hope to find some relief from my Information Addiction by becoming more of a producer. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.